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A new brand for those who lead the development and construction of Data Centers in Latin America.

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To mark the process of growth and consolidation of its leading position, Aceco TI – considered the third best in Digital Industry category by Exame magazine – has decided to modernize its visual identity and structure its service portfolio, aiming to maintain its main visual elements recognized among the public.

The process was started through an evaluation of the perception of the current brand, with the aim of determining precisely what the degree of change would be and which elements of the current visual identity should be preserved.

Alongside the client, we mapped the services offered, restructured the communication of each offer and implemented the concept of end-to-end solutions. These actions aim to guarantee complete security, as the process of building a data center is very similar to that of building an aircraft, that is, it involves a mission-critical environment, which requires maximum security, reliability and redundancy, given that there is no room for failure.

A strategic design project that went far beyond brand identity.


The decision was to maintain the association with the Nautilus symbol – a reference to continuous growth, protection, order and balance – with a new, more modern, simple and unique design, directly linked to the universe of information technology.

In addition to maintaining the perception of Nautilus, a dash reminiscent of the "at" sign (@) has been added, linking the brand’s storytelling with the idea that the company participates in the entire life cycle of a Data Center.


To implement the brand, an extensive program was developed, guided by a brand book, which brings inspiration for the development of a language that is modern, technological and close to the customer.

The visual identity exploits frames with rounded corners, gradients and color images that inspire themes of technology and information security.

As regards security, the common idea would be to use a bold font. Nevertheless, our proposal introduces a system that innovates by combining the robust font of the logo with light fonts used in communication, since, for Aceco TI, security means modernity, intelligence, and innovation.


The launch was a great success among the public, both internally and externally, who immediately responded positively, clearly realizing that the company has evolved without losing its roots.

The proposed positioning and visual system, with colors and icons, extended the perception of modernity and innovation in services, helping the company follow the growth of the Internet and information technology, which brings great challenges regarding the security of operation of Data Centers.

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