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Adidas, one of the most valued global brands in the sportswear world, has requested Keenwork to develop a unique display system for points of sale across South America, Central America, and Mexico.

The project involved the creation of a visual communication and displays for more than 70 different equipment units.


To translate Adidas’ “Impossible is Nothing” motto, we drew on the athletic imagery of performance, through a visual territory inspired by the movement and concept of working out (fitness equipment and machines).

Such emotional links, along with the color black, one of the assets of the Adidas brand, have brought differentiation and identity at the point of sale.


The implementation of the project involved great complexity and a number of challenges. The first step to success consisted of correctly diagnosing the problem, for which research and experiences were carried out, with visits to points of sale in various countries, aiming at an accurate understanding of the needs of each region.

Simultaneously, we delved deep into the essence of Adidas brand’s global positioning, seeking to translate the visual universe into an identity, through a project that meets the different needs of Latin American countries while maintaining a unique brand experience worldwide.

An exhibition system has been created for footwear, textiles and accessories with over 70 different equipment units for all retail needs, from branded exhibition areas such as shopfront and shop-in-shop concepts to corners, walls, shop windows and areas divided by product category.


The project was successfully deployed in over 300 sales outlets in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Panama, Cuba, and Ecuador. The system developed showed the easy adaptation to the different realities of the point of sale, which allowed an integrated and inspiring brand experience.

The project was acknowledged with Brazil Faz Design awards and was featured at the ADG Design Biennial.

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