Signaling and Identity of the corporate environment.

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The project was developed as part of the branding consolidation strategy of Braskem, a leading petrochemical company in the Americas and one of the world’s largest companies in the industry, supporting its expansion and integration of cultures in over 10 countries and 50 units.

The idea

We developed a system that could be deployed worldwide in an integrated way. The first step was to promote a diagnosis of functional needs such as flow, security, and ease of deployment. In addition to addressing the wayfinding, the project was crucial in building organizational culture and brand identity through the creation of inspiring corporate environments.

Thus, we structured the project through a signaling guide with solutions for industrial areas, factory offices, laboratories, and corporate offices. The guide provides tutoring and examples of the use of more than 100 signaling elements.


For corporate environments, we created a unique experience, using collages of photographs in a composition, with illustrations to bring elements of the Braskem culture and brand with the theme “Improving the lives of people by creating sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics.”

For the industrial areas, we developed a constructive, extremely durable and low-maintenance solution.

Using plastic materials produced by Braskem, we created a construction system composed of PVC profiles, which receive a concrete filling to make up the support pillars of the visual elements of the system. A awarded custom solution that integrates the durability and the good finish of the PVC profiles with the resistance of concrete.


The project was successfully implemented across the world and proved to be an effective strategy for the consolidation of Braskem’s identity and culture.

The project was acknowledged by one of the most important design awards in the world, the IF Product Design Award.

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