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PH is a school and preparatory course for university entrance exams that began its activities more than 30 years ago in Rio de Janeiro and recently became part of Somos Educação, one of the largest Basic Education groups in Brazil.

With the objective of preparing the preparing PH for a new phase of growth in three different segments (School, Cram School, and Teaching System), it was necessary to rethink the brand’s strategy while positioning them for each segment and rediscovering its essence.

We defined a positioning and created a brand platform that establishes a dialogue with different interlocutors, ranging from parents and students to schools administrators.

The idea

In order to understand these different relationships and accurately determine the essence of the PH brand, we promoted a collaborative construction process, in which our consultants and designers went to the field to spend a few days with students, parents and teachers. Using free and dynamic coexistence techniques, the participants were able to express their truest visions, perception, expectations, and dreams.


The result exceeded expectations. After conducting a cross-sectional study of the visions of different groups, we were able to identify what was deeper and more authentic in the scenario in question.

We also noticed a shared purpose among students, parents and teachers, which served as the basis for building the strategy and brand positioning.

Based on these results, we generated insights and revealed opportunities for innovation that have accompanied the development of the brand and communication actions.

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