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To create the signage of the EOSP Building, located in São Paulo, we sought to develop a signage system that, besides optimizing and guiding visitors’ circulation, integrates and values architecture through the chosen colors, shapes and materials.

With 57,000 square meters of constructed area and 24 stories, the project included the creation and installation of the signage system in the external areas, business floors, and common circulation areas (reception, restaurants, garage, and loading, unloading and service areas).

As a result, the signaling system has brought building interaction with users, valuing the architecture and organizing the flows.


The project was based on the concept that signage should be the voice of architecture and the way the building communicates with people, indicating flows and creating inspiring and harmonious spaces.

We adopted a clean, minimalist and elegant concept with high quality materials, durability, and easy maintenance. The signage project is an essential part of the experience of those who visit EOSP, a sustainable building, signed by the Aflalo & Gasperini architecture office, which owns one of the largest vertical gardens in Brazil and has received the “LEED Gold” award by Green Building Council Brazil.


We adopted lightness and transparency as a principle, creating visually loose planes of the supporting surface and icons cut into the plates, thus obtaining an interesting game involving figures, backgrounds, movement, and lightness.

To complete the experience, the boards feature an internal LED lighting system, creating a distinctive effect during nighttime, which, in addition to saving energy, allows the reduction of outdoor lighting.

Finally, the technical design of the boards was conceived and developed to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the parts, which are fitted and easily removable, providing more efficient cleaning.

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