Repositioning the Brazilian naval industry

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The Enseada brand was created to represent a new moment of a strategic sector for Brazil: the naval and offshore industry.

Inspired by the universe of shipbuilding shapes, the logo refers to the hydrodynamic shape of ships, while the yellow sidebars represent the huge cranes that move their entire structures – an item appropriated and explored by the brand’s identity as a graphic element. In addition to associating with the crane, the bars suggest the idea of focus and safety, giving personality and consistency to the communication.

Finally, we bring the colors of the sea and the dynamism of the ocean, present in the details of the letters, forming a unit that reflects the company’s main attributes: technology, robustness, durability, and overcoming challenges.


From the inception of the project, the entire team was greatly influenced by the incredible shapes and designs present in the naval projects and in the hydrodynamic studies that define the shape of the hulls of the vessels. Our idea was to immerse ourselves in this universe and create a logo and a proprietary identity that could portray in a poetic way this raw industrial universe.


After much typographic research, we began to draw letters inspired by hydrodynamic shapes. The “A” is associated with the prow of a ship; the “E” and the “D” represent the hull curve; in turn, the “S” and “N” highlight the movement and dynamism of the sea.

The photographic identity was carefully thought out: a lot of breathing space, with striking cuts and shapes that translated robustness and provided a notion of scale. The colors of the images should also enhance the logo and allow use in many applications.

Relevance and Suitability

The project had a positive impact on the company and its current moment, helping to value its delivery and resume the growth of the Brazilian naval and offshore industry.

Additionally, the new brand was decisive in the process of rebuilding the company, bringing a new perspective and motivation to employees and the market.

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