Coral Teste Fácil Display

Functionality and adaptability in consumer experience

Retail Design | Brand Experience

Organizing in a functional and inspiring way 1,200 different packages with easy adaptation to different types of stores.

In order to create the Coral Teste Fácil display, we sought to understand consumer behavior when choosing and combining colors so that, besides being functional, the display could provide a real brand experience.

A simple and minimalist solution that inspires people to create new environments in their homes through colors.

The result was a modular system, adaptable to the different sales scenarios, a project that exceeded expectations, with great acceptance among shopkeepers and consumers. Thus, the Coral brand obtained an increase in the sales of real estate paints with colors in the paint system.


The project key idea consisted of developing a modulation to meet the different types of points of sale found. The display should work in small stores and large home-improvement centers alike, allowing several compositions.

Whether in the color combination or composition of images and texts, we sought to inspire consumers to immerse themselves in the different possibilities of colors, in a visual experience reminiscent of an artistic installation.


Using of white and black in the structure was a way of valuing and organizing the 240 color variations. The choice of finishes and execution of the pieces and exhibition sets were based on the durability and ease of assembly, which made the display’s suitability to store space more practical.

Relevance and Suitability

The performance of the display far exceeded the Coral’s expectations, which provided for a pilot membership of 30 shopkeepers and was positively surprised by more than 700 applications in the first six months, exceeding the target by more than 2,300%.

This result shows the excellent acceptance of the display among shopkeepers.

There was also an increase in the sales not only of Coral paints , but also in the color of the year highlighted in the display, a fact which proves that consumers tested and approved of the new system.

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