Fouta Harissa

Brazilian brand, Tunisian soul

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Fouta Harissa is a Brazilian brand of Tunisian towels – foutas, traditional pieces of high quality and durability, which are made in hand-loom machines in Arab countries of the Mediterranean Sea, having recently gained popularity in Europe and the United States.

Fouta Harissa’s proposal is to reinvent a traditional product, giving it a new context through design, communication and gender-neutral fashion.

With dynamism and youth, we have created an experimental brand that represents the Harissa pepper, another indispensable item of Tunisian culture. The logo consists of a collage of pieces of foutas. The identity is made up of the graphic elements present in the towels themselves: its rectangular shape, its stripes and dotted patterns, and its colors.


Such a plural context required a unique, experimental brand, we took inspiration from the abstraction and clipping of cultures to build something new, solid and focused, with a focus on young audiences and trendsetters.

A multiple, gender-neutral brand, with a lot of voice and personality.


The brand has a number of variations of the logo in a flexible identity and can be used with or without a signature, in a range of backgrounds and application modes.

The identity values the use of photography with graphic interferences and the young, empowered tone, representing a movement of search for experiences and products with true meanings.

A brand guide was created for the brand, as well as post templates for social media, definition of the graphic elements, and various suggestions of use.

Relevance and Suitability

The brand, whose main sales channels include social networks and independent shows, defends a new business model based on fair trade and the creative economy.

Full of energy and attitude, the visual identity is a strategic element to make tangible the value proposition of the product, allow the brand to stand out, and help build its conscious, multipurpose and unisex fashion discourse.

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