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To expand its presence in the home appliance segment in Brazil and Latin America, GE, one of the world’s most valuable brands, requested Keenwork to develop a brand strategy and brand experience that valued and identified the three different product categories.

We defined a master line for the brand identity, differentiating categories by color and material. Additionally, we have created an integrated brand experience system at the point of sale and in image stores, providing a sophisticated and exclusive space that raised the positive perception of the brand, arousing emotions and valuing the technology of the products.


The concept of the project started with a reflection of how we could create an experience with the GE brand that aroused emotions in people.

The first step was to create a unique visual identity in relation to the GE B-to-B brand, in which architecture, graphic design, communication and product design worked in an integrated way, enhancing people’s relationship with the brand.

Thus, the GE logo was incorporated as a graphic element into a texture that became part of the brands’ identity and architecture. The pattern created was also used in the division of the brand experience spaces and interacted with the entire project, ensuring sophistication and exclusivity.

The whole environment, colors, shapes and volumes reinforce the brand and create a unique space for people to live together.


The project was extended to all points of contact of the brand, and the idea, which was born from the shopping experience, migrated to all pieces of communication, website ads, printed materials, promotional materials, displays, and shop-in-shop spaces. Therefore, consumers can have a unique and exclusive experience from the first contact with the brand to the purchase decision at the point of sale.


One of the great points of the project was the creation of a space of exclusivity and sophistication for a brand that is traditionally recognized in its B-to-B segments.

Thus, through the concept of communication, “the important thing is not just to have, it is to live,” a system of spaces was created for the conviviality, brand experience and display of products, in which each detail was thought out to foster an intention and to arouse people’s emotions.

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