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Almost everyone is aware of airport boarding and landing areas, but few realize the backoffice structure that exists behind an airport. At GRU Airport, the busiest airport in South America, a “city” exists with more than 30,000 employees that circulate every day, allowing the airport to receive over 35 million passengers a year.

Keenwork team developed a signage system for the administrative, operations yard, and warehouses areas. In addition to creating a procedure for standardization in the use of the brands of airlines and third parties.

A highly complex project that required our architecture, design and production teams to create accurate diagnosis, technically optimal solutions, and successful deployment.


Our proposal was a system that could be efficient as a wayfinding, while contributing to the revitalization of the environment and supporting to the modernization of systems and airport efficiency. These improvements helped mark the new phase of management carried out by a private concessionaire.

The design of the plates is inspired by the shape of an airplane’s wing, as well as the boarding pass. Thus the plates have a side cut, transmitting movement and a unique personality. The solution builds an association with the advancement of technology by boosting and emphasizing airport modernization.

The execution

In order to increase signaling efficiency, an in-depth study was carried out on the international standards, as well as several prototypes that enabled a careful choice of information size, guaranteeing the best readability at different viewing distances. This ensures technical excellence in high-risk locations and operations such as the aircraft maneuvering and baggage handling yard.

The constructive design brings modernity, durability, ease of maintenance and, above all, adaptation, as we have created a flexible, intelligent system that allows the mobility of spaces and functions, by simply changing the front cover of each plate or information set on a given plate.


The project was successfully deployed, providing an excellent cost/benefit ratio and flexibility for airport growth and modernization. A highly complex design with more than 100 different identification supports, implemented to perfection in 10 square kilometers of area.

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