Itaú Entrepreneurial Women

Fomentando o empreendedorismo da mulher brasileira

Experiência de Marca, Branding

An identity designed to connect, qualify and inspire women to become entrepreneurs.

Itaú Entrepreneurial Women is a free program promoted by Itaú Bank’s Sustainability Superintendence and destined both to clients and non-clients, and focused on the exchange of experiences between participants from all over Brazil, offering tools and contents aimed at supporting and fomenting women’s entrepreneurship.

We then elaborated a branding and brand positioning project that not only talks to women, but turns the program into a movement to promote women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment.

We created an intimate and engaging tone of voice, with a language that arouses pride, attitude and collective action. Colors were devised to represent the universe of women without making their identities fall into limiting gender stereotypes. As for the proposed photographic style, it reminds of collective action, attitude and diversity.


A typographic boldface that follows the architecture of Itaú Bank’s brands became more distinctive through a proprietary visual identity.

Instead of creating a tone of voice for a brand, we inverted the traditional order and created a brand based on the voice. On the voice of women.

We developed a simple solution, but full of personality, which has as its main graphic elements the use of vibrant colors and a highlighted typography, calling attention to the most essential element: the voice of women.

The authentic and humanly photographic style is as important as the message, and it was devised to represent diversity and attitude.


A brand book was developed with the brand manifesto, values, rules and recommended use, a chromatic universe, tone of voice, photographic identity and many brand application examples aimed at inspiring the many different partners that work with the brand in their daily activities.

The identity fulfills its role of being inspiring and communicating towards women in an inclusive manner, in addition to accomplishing its function of identifying Itaú Bank as the program’s creator and sponsor.

Relevance and adequacy

Women are building a world increasingly more human, collaborative and inclusive. The new visual identity was devised to celebrate the program’s maturity, which is now acquiring national recognition.

Today more than 25 thousand women have been registered to use the platform, a highly important project to promote inclusion and diversity in the national entrepreneurial environment, in addition to fostering the country’s economic and social development.

The proposed identity has fomented the attraction of new entrepreneurs, and has brought pride and female representativeness to the national entrepreneurial environment.

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