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As a way of strengthening our relationship with clients and partners, Keenwork has created a calendar with an authorial design, a proposal that goes well beyond marking time – we have re-defined the calendar as an active way of providing reflections on how we live and see the world.

2018 Calendar Idea

Each year, a new subject suggests a reflection by means of symbols, graphic exploration, and visual elements.

For the year 2018, the theme “A Look at Evolution” proposes a reflection on the disruptive innovations that transform the economy and our way of thinking and relating to people and brands, composed of illustrations in the form of infographics. Each month, a new discovery is made and reflection on the history of objects allows us to wonder what the future will be like.

2015 Calendar Idea

In 2015, we invited everyone to reflect, over the months, on the balance of the planet. We created a series of illustrations, as the result of careful observation of the geometry of nature. Elements, animals, plants and minerals were created through a synthetic language. The project consists of a base of reused MDF and paper slides, which are replenished annually in new themes and reflections, in the form of refills, reinforcing the concept of sustainability applied to the construction of the piece.


The calendar is composed of a base of reused MDF and paper slides, which are replenished annually, reinforcing the concept of sustainability and proposing new reflections.

A physical, functional and decorative piece that keeps the nostalgia of a table calendar.

Relevance and Suitability

In addition to promoting Keenwork, the calendar can positively and optimistically stimulate reflection on some of humanity’s great challenges: respect for biodiversity and balance.

The calendar, which has a run of 400 units, invited the public to visit our website, read the manifesto, and learn more about the balance of the planet, as a way to convert the public also to our digital communication.

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     Trazendo emoção para uma marca global de eletrodomésticos   
  • Panasonic

     Um sistema leve, de baixo custo e alto impacto 
  • RA Odebrecht

    Relatório Anual Odebrecht 2018

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