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How can a logo design be a tool for women’s empowerment and deconstruction of stereotypes on women?

This was the challenge faced when carrying out the rebranding for Longarina, a “propose-driven company” that aims to transform women through surfing and self-knowledge experiences.

The solution was to create a logo system that could retain the representation of women as the main element of the brand, but now characterized by diversity, empowerment, and engagement.

As part of the solution, we decided not to have one major version of the brand, but ALL of them.

The result: a vibrant, positive and engaging brand that enables replication across multiple formats and platforms.


Surfing is a predominantly male sport and with stereotypes regarding women – it is full of social, moral and gender barriers – especially in Brazil.

The idea was to create a brand that had the ability to change that reality and encourage all women to surf, irrespective of age and physical characteristics, while creating a community and a sense of belonging.


Inspired by the fluidity of Van Gogh’s canvases and the precision and synthesis of Matisse’s trace, the result is a lively and contemporary brand, composed of organic traces in well-marked lines. The logo system is always composed of three key elements: the feminine, nature and movement – which together form a unity.

The brand also gains a unique version, in which the woman appears as a spiritual figure in a drawing that merges with the ocean – a variation used for the activities of self-knowledge, meditation and the sacred feminine promoted by Longarina.

Relevance and Suitability

Composed of a collaborative network, Longarina is based on a solid purpose: working with love for women’s appreciation and empowerment, generating a positive socio-environmental impact and respecting fair trade practices by forming partnerships with small entrepreneurs from local communities.

Established in 2013, Longarina organizes surf trips and workshops with women across Brazil. It has a network that impact 130,000 people in an organic way on social networks, besides having a platform that produces content and allows access to quality information on the Internet.

We create a brand that not only identifies but also represents the voice of a movement – a social impact design project.

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