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A consumer’s dream for the best Brazilians

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The challenge of the project was tempting: a brand strategy for a new product category, the home beer cooler, a consumer’s dream among Brazilians. After all, until recently, super-cold beer only existed in the best bars and pubs.

Through innovation sprints and design thinking process with diverse costumers profile, we mapped out the buying journey and motivations for home beer consumption. These motivations generated insights in communication and brand voice, which were expressed at all touchpoints.

We created the naming, brand positioning, brand strategy, visual identity and verbal identity for the first product to be targeted at end consumers of Metalfrio, Brazil’s largest commercial cooler manufacturer, present in 90% of the bars frequented by Brazilians.

A design project driven by creativity and lots of cold beer.


Nothing beats gathering one’s friends, telling jokes, enjoying life and taking some time off from worries. And there is no better company for such a gather than a good beer. Now, imagine having all of it at any time, at home… We re-interpreted the popular saying “lar doce lar" (home, sweet home) making the home even better. The “lar doce bar” (home, sweet, bar) motto permeates all communication pieces and is supported by the tagline “without waiting, without reservations and without bar tabs.”


Also in the context of bringing the best of bars to the home, all communication pieces seek inspiration in the language of bars/breweries, mixing the vernacular language with modern elements, such as the product’s instruction manual, which appropriates the vocabulary and visual elements of menus.

Unlike competitors in the category, BEER MAXX brings the same technology, power and capacity of coolers available in bars, resulting in a product with a higher price and narrower target audience. We used a dark color and focused on the design to highlight this sophistication, which allows it to stand out among the competitors’ most popular products.

Relevance and Suitability

We brought Metalfrio closer to consumers, stimulated consumption by showing the benefits of having beer at home, and took advantage of the growth of the brewing market. All the opportunities offered by the cooler market have been explored and met in a creative and strategic solution of the project, which had great repercussions in news articles and reviews, especially among beer lovers how shared the product release in social media.

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