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Commemorative dates represent special feelings in people’s lives. It is a time to show love, affection, and retribution.

Translating these moments into a packaging that could be remembered was the motivation for these projects

Lovers’ Day Idea

We translated love between lovers in the elements of the packaging, differentiating them in complementary color options.

The concept developed refers to lovers based on the elements of the packaging: an outer sleeve perforated with inner silk, in blue for him, and red for her. Opposite colors symbolizing the opposites that attract each other.

Father’s Day Idea

We started from the reflection of how to transmit all the love and affection that exists in the relationship between father and child, and the concept of generation

The child carries a bit of the father, and the father carries a bit of his grandfather, so love is strengthened with each generation.

We created a packaging that brings the concept “happy for our history” through a fingerprint (unique and striking), as well as the relationship between grandfather, father, and child.

Deconstructing the design of a fingerprint, as a symbol of identity and inheritance, we created a meaningful texture, used in the packaging and communicating the commemorative date.

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