Panasonic – Single display system

Um sistema leve, de baixo custo e alto impacto

Experiência de Marca, Estratégia

Product display at a point of sale is one of the main ways of creating real experiences for consumers and valuing a brand. Having that in mind, we modernized the company’s display system at Brazilian retail stores.

We visited many cities around Brazil with highly different realities as regards the profile and behavior of consumers and brand promoters. We built a comprehension of the needs and the reality of the retail sector, street stores, and shopping mall outlets.

Much beyond esthetic issues, the project served as the background to design a purchase journey, from defining the spaces, mix of products, assembly and affirmation to consumers’ experience.

We developed a line of showcases made of low-cost cardboard, light, easy to handle and to assemble, and adaptable to different display conditions, and the result has been a presentation that values the brand and invites people to live an experience.


The project was based on the idea of creating a set of pieces to support product exposition, where the elements would be fully integrated and modular; it would be then possible to create many scenarios for points of sales, regardless of the available area in the spaces and of where a store is located, either on the street, in a hypermarket, or in a shopping mall.

The creation of an exclusive palette of colors for this material, together with a specific combination of gradients, has also helped to differentiate and highlight Panasonic’s products.


In order to provide contemporaneity, technology and sophistication to a raw material as common as cardboard, we created modular pieces with an elegant esthetics and outstanding shapes. The designed colors and graphic elements were also essential to convey exclusiveness. The utilized gradients conveyed an idea of technology, and the more sober hues made the pieces look sophisticated.

The modulation between all the pieces led to the creation of countless combination possibilities.

Finally, the developed guide helps storeowners to select and define the spaces according to their mix of products, in addition to including all showcase assembly instructions, thus maximizing brand highlight and boosting sales.

Relevance and adequacy

The material, which is being implemented today, has had a very good reception both by Panasonic’s team – which is responsible for brand affirmation, maintenance and change of elements – and storeowners, since they end up reaping the esthetic benefits of the pieces and being financially rewarded due to the potential increase of sales.

Problems regarding functionality, as previously reported, have been minimized by the new system. The purpose of presenting a sophisticated material, with a low production cost and that conveys and reinforces brand positioning, has been achieved.

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