Prêmio Barco a Vapor SM

Steamboat Prize, a trip through children’s literature


Nothing is better to greet the winners of one of the greatest national children’s literature prizes as a playful and immersive experience.

That was the "trip" we designed for the Barco a Vapor/Steamboat Prize’s 2018 edition, promoted by the SM Foundation.

A complete project, with an exhibition, scenography and visual identity upgrades that made the awarding ceremony a fun boat trip which started much before going onboard.

In addition to the scenic and lighting project inspired by a boat, the event counted on many interactive actions, such as the tickets in the shape of a customized passport, the cabin for "the captain’s autographs," and glass bottles with excerpts from prized books.


The prize brand’s design, inspired by old steamboats, was the starting point of the experience proposed for the event. The idea was to create a storytelling where guests would be the passengers in our boat and become the characters of many experiences enjoyed during the crossing – the award ceremony itself.

The accreditation area became the onboarding check-in area; the prize winner became the captain, introduced to all attendees during the award ceremony and with the right to an exclusive area to give autographs. The union of all the scenes created a playful story that is alive in guests’ memories.


Large communication panels, installed at strategic points in the event, created the scenarios for the narrative and guided attendees’ view. Walkways were set with prop buoys and boards inspired by nautical motifs.

The water mirrors and trees found in the space were not left out of the environmental design: they received special lighting, to simulate the deck of a ship, creating the environment’s ambience. A large text, together with communication panels, integrated the watered areas, providing another direct link with the universe of boats.

Finally, eco-bags were given to all guests along with a customized kit bearing the prize’s visual identity.

Relevance and adequacy

With the purpose of stimulating literary creation and providing young readers with access to unpublished and quality texts, the Barco a Vapor/Steamboat Prize (Premio El Barco de Vapor) was created in Spain, in 1978, and is found today in 10 countries.

Being held in Brazil every year since 2005, the prize has become one of the most important recognitions in the children’s literature sector, and received the registration of more than one thousand original works in its 2018 edition. As the prize, a winning author’s work is published in the Barco a Vapor/Steamboat collection, in addition to receiving an award in cash as copyright for his/her award-winning work.

Guests and SM collaborators really felt like they were immersed in the experience of being inside a boat. The remaining interactive actions proposed during the prize award event also were very well-received by all.

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