Relatório Anual Odebrecht 2018

A year of achievements, our commitment in practice

Experiência de Marca, Branding, Content, Estratégia

Rebuilding reputation is as complex as building a brand.

The web platform designed for the 2018 Yearly Report was developed with a very strategic purpose for Odebrecht S.A. After taking on its errors in 2016, formalizing a commitment with Brazil, and going through a long business restructuring process, time had come to show the world what had already been put into practice during its journey to be transformed by ethics, integrity and transparency.

Our strategy was to design a website that could not only communicate with the financial market, entities associated to business sustainability and other stakeholders, but that also played the role of talking to society. That’s why in addition to the traditional version, we developed an online platform.

We proposed a humanized and accessible language, in an interactive and "mobile first" platform. We produced illustrations, pictures and five videos that have reached 6 six million people.


The solution was based on the understanding that the company is going through a process to regain the right to be heard by society. That’s why the purpose of the platform was to make our achievements in terms of ethics, integrity and transparency perceived by readers.

Our idea was to promote a positive and joyful communication, by using attractive headings and vibrant colors to identify the issues and chapters in the report.

The illustrations, designed in partnership with layout artist Marina Kanzian, had as their purpose to show the group’s diversified and global operations. We crated simple geometric drawings, with intelligent associations. We used transparency, one of the main discussed issues, as a visual resource.

Through videos and pictures, we valued collaborators – the true protagonists of transformation – and showed the face of the new leadership, which has taken the responsibility of conducting the company during such a change process.


The project started by defining which would be the most relevant contents for the public, and then we developed a wireframe that evolved into a workflow where we defined all the functionalities and possibilities of interaction. Finally, we designed the interactions by using illustrations and images that could be animated by employing the "scroll" feature, generating a sensation of dynamism and change.

Right from the start we challenged ourselves to have an impact on the largest number of people as possible. We defined that the best way to do that would be offer a navigable platform, in which the entire content could be shared.

The content was developed by Odebrecht’s communication team, together with Usina 82, while activation in digital media was handed to Edelman.

The project also counted on J3W’S participation, which performed the programming tasks, in addition to writer Daniele Espósito to conceive the headings, and layout artist Marina Kanzian.

Relevance and adequacy

The report, which has been mostly disclosed in Facebook and LinkedIn, has successfully shown to society how the commitments assumed by Odebrecht S.A. are being fulfilled.

Quantitative data shows that the campaign to disclose Odebrecht’s 2017-2018 Yearly Report received 6 million impressions on social media, 725 thousand video visualizations, and 16 thousand interactions.

The project has been highly important to show society and other companies that a change in attitude is possible.

In the effort to promote structural changes, Odebrecht was, in 2018, one of the nine Brazilian companies to receive the maximum score for the disclosure of its Anticorruption Program, according to a study undertaken by GNO Transparency International (TI) with the 100 largest companies and the 10 largest banks in the country.

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    Relatório Anual Odebrecht 2018

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