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From vintage to modern, Raveo is an audio device brand conceived to generate identification with consumers of completely different profiles. We use neuroscience concepts to understand public behavior, mapping desires and motivations that drive people of all ages to relive moments of the past. We thus create a brand that communicates with different publics and styles, representing in its communication the main attributes of the product: personality, unique design, and technology.


Dynamic and full of personality, the brand makes clear its vintage reference, making an homage1960s and 1970s logos. Its form and typographic design alludes to the universe of music, from rock ’n’ roll to classical music, providing movement and attitude.

The gradient colors, which simulate the chrome effect, widely used among technology brands, refers to the innovative attributes of the product, such as the ability to scan LP records to produce digital files. Finally, the photographs used in all communication make tangible the varied character of the brand by blending the vintage and the contemporary.


From the name – inspired by the Ravel’s legendary Boléro – to the solution of each communication piece, Raveo is a brand that brings the past to the present, uniting classic and contemporary, comprising a plural brand made for all audiences, social classes, and musical tastes. Various communication materials and points were created helping to consolidate the brand and its purpose. They include packaging, website, ad template, and social media posts template.

Relevance and Suitability

Raveo led consumers to relive the past with record players, radios and sound systems, which triggered the following intrinsic human behaviors:

Independence: the need to be different and self-sufficient.

Honor: being faithful to one’s values and one’s social clan.

Curiosity: need for something new.

Preservation: collections, recollections, memories, and possessions.

In a global context, where brands struggle to stand out and survive, Raveo brings its own style by adding emotional value to its products and moving away from purchasing focusing on the cost/benefit ratio. A visual and strategic solution which proved that the record player is not a thing of the past.

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