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In order to engage, inspire and keep the airport community informed, we created the new graphic and editorial design of the “Somos Rio Galeão” magazine, a publication made for employees that make the Rio Galeão airport works every day.

We restructured the sections to bring content of interest, as well as engaging people with curiosity issues and general knowledge about airports.

With an emotional, easy-to-understand language, the new graphic design aims to value the photographs of people, the use of illustrations, and extra space. It makes use of graphics, directly associated with the airport’s identity and which are also used to demarcate the internal sections of the publication.

A project that combines quality information with a vibrant, inspiring and easy-to-read layout.


The main idea was to colors, illustrations and icons as a solution to engage, inspire and keep the airport community informed about airport events without dependent on high-quality photographs, often unavailable.

The strategy developed for the editorial project was also fundamental to the success of the magazine, making reading more fun and interesting for employees. We created, for example, the session “Curiosidades de carga” (“Cargo Trivia”), which told how a mega-operation was set up to receive over 600 horses from all over the world, which participated in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.


From the logo to the internal sessions, everything was rethought.

The new logo proposal, in addition to increasing the emphasis on the word “somos” (“we are”) features other sections of the magazine (we are: institution, we are: people), proposing a unity between cover and content and reinforcing the magazine’s name.

The color graphics enhance the airport’s identity and clearly demarcate the internal sections of the publication. The graphic design of the cover aims to facilitate the application of photographs with graphics and other elements, bringing a different composition to each number.

The background color, which can vary with each edition, generates impact and creates identification with the magazine.

An institutional magazine that is also elegant, bold and fun for its readers.

Relevance and Suitability

With a quarterly publication and circulation of 5,000 copies, the magazine has the potential to have a positive impact on all direct and indirect employees of the airport community.

A project of great relevance that contributes to internal engagement and positively influences the identification and admiration of employees in relation to the airport, while generating knowledge so that employees can also act as spokespersons for the airport.

The proposed design and editorial strategy contributed to building and humanizing the relationship between the airport, its members and employees.

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