Bringing emotion to a global home appliances brand

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Founded in Germany, in 1924, Teka was born at the height of the legendary Bauhaus school of art, which revolutionized global design and defined the esthetical and functional standards that inspire us even today.

Almost one hundred years later, and with operations in 116 countries, the brand was facing a huge challenge: to modernize itself and renew its design in order to come closer to its consumers and become a desired brand.

As the European leading company in the sale of home appliances, sinks and metal pieces in the professional market for construction companies and kitchen manufacturers, the brand has extended global operations and scale, but stills lacks greater esteem and desire from end consumers.

Our challenge was to reposition the brand in order to connect it to consumers from the European, Asian and Latin American markets, while distancing it from competitors and enhancing its value proposal.

We proposed a new brand identity and positioning based on true emotions: “Teka brings soul to kitchens and transforms functionalities into solutions centered on users; and all that to provide significant moments that are worth living and being shared with the people we love most.”


The solution was to position the brand as an alternative, clearly differentiated from the language used by traditional brands. Teka invites its clients to discover new possibilities through three pillars:

• We created significant moments that arouse real emotions;

• To offer an essential design that simplifies everything and inspires new experiences;

• We surprised people with originality and an excellent value for money.

To convey the idea of quality and durability the brand values its German origins in communication pieces, through a contemporary interpretation that highlights its minimalist design and innovative products.

In every communication piece we convey authenticity, by using pictures of people experiencing unique moments in the kitchen and images of single products under a surprising lighting design which highlights products as masterpieces of design.


The brand’s global positioning was conceived to enable little adaptations to local markets, such as the Asian market, where the brand is highly esteemed and places a lot of value on its German origins as a differential.

It took more than two years of hard work together with the Teka’s Design Team and Marketing Department, with many onsite meetings in the company’s headquarters, and more than 30 interviews with executives from 26 countries.

We developed the brand’s entire positioning strategy, which included: brand territory, purpose, pillars, values, personality, communication topics, and brand manifesto.

In addition to brand positioning, all of its identity was renewed and translated into a brand book with recommended uses, tone of voice, photographic style, graphic elements, showroom, points of sale, and use of the brand in the digital world.

Relevance and Adequation

With a brand strategy and visual identity based on emotion, design and significant innovations, we brought the brand closer to end consumers and consolidated the company in a position until then little explored by competitors that have opted to explore either the functional aspect of innovation or the daily use of products.

The new brand positioning strategy we created carried in its DNA the company’s German inheritance, and in its essence Teka’s excellency in terms of design, simplicity and precision.

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