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Society is already aware of the need to recycle plastic but still sees products manufactured with recycled plastic as inferior. To advance in recycling, we must change this idea, generating a process of transformation in society and in the production chain.

In order to create positive worldwide transformations, we seek to understand these dynamics and, in a process of joint creation alongside the client, we developed the concept of Wecycle, a platform that engages society, industry, and retail.

The Wecycle seal, inspired by two semicircles that represent a cycle in balance and continual evolution helps consumers identify products made from quality recycled plastic and with social responsibility. After all, in addition to the environmental issue, the platform promotes inclusion and socioeconomic development for recyclable material pickers.


As an active agent in the plastic chain, Braskem believes in the valuation of post-consumer waste as one of the solutions for conscious disposal. We were invited to design a solution that acts directly on the recovery of plastic waste.

After surveys, interviews and innovation activities alongside the client, we created a platform that aims to develop business, establish partnerships, foster initiatives and find solutions at every link of the plastic recycling chain.

The brand’s strategy and identity are based on the concepts of collaboration and integration as a response to a brand that communicates with the entire recycling chain: from waste collectors’ cooperatives and recycling firms to the industry, retailers, and opinion formers.

Parallel to the platform, the Wecycle seal is the interface with the consumer, certifying the plastic quality and origin and adding value to recycled plastic.


Wecycle is a solution from Brazil designed to cause a positive global impact.

Name, brand and identity were created to inspire collaboration.

The visual line is clean, objective and easy to understand.

Its movement and its gradient between the two shades of green represent the chain involved in this process and the program partnerships. In addition, the symmetry of the two circles refers directly to the balance and the shape of infinity.

Relevance and Suitability

The project had a positive impact on society as a whole by promoting:

• Social responsibility: support for the development and professionalization of recycling cooperatives.

• Social inclusion: inclusion and socioeconomic development of collectors of recyclable materials and professional and entrepreneurial stimulus.

• Changing the culture of society: people are already aware of the need to recycle plastic but still see products made from recycled plastic as inferior. Wecycle came to change this misconception.

• Reduction of environmental impact: plastic waste has been converted into bicycles, paint kits, industrial packaging etc., in a total of more than 700 metric tons of recycled plastic.

An integrated solution involving strategy, innovation and design with a socioenvironmental impact.

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