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The series of posters created for Youse, an online insurance sales platform of Caixa Seguradora, aimed to disseminate, in a playful manner, the 20 purposes of all areas of Youse.

The solution to gaining insider knowledge was to unite humor and design. Referring to a search engine, we created #yousePedia, a search field that presents the purpose of the area and its definition.

The visual structure created was supported by the company’s symbol, which appears in its various colors, interacting with entertaining images full of attitude.

The result: a set of thought-provoking posters possessing a visual unit that surpassed the expectations of remembrance among employees.


Considering the digital presence of the company and the average age of its employees, we sought solutions associated with the digital world and the imaginary of the youth.

The #yousePedia search tool serves as a glossary of purposes, making it more fan and accessible to employees.


The posters follow the graphic language of the brand, which always appears in the center of the piece in its various color versions while promoting identification and recognition.

The choice of images of the young popular imaginary translates in a playful and fun manner the purposes of the brand, making the concepts more striking, and whenever possible, making some direct or indirect reference to the purpose.

Additionally, the graphic resource of the #yousePedia search tool connects the piece with the digital universe by creating a graphical unit, which enables the use of the posters, both individually and in conjunction. It also allows them to be exposed separately or in a pattern applied on a wall by adhesive or wheat paste.

Relevance and Suitability

After the release of the poster series, which took place through digital and print media, a quiz was held with Youse employees. The result was very positive and exceeded the target of 80% remembrance.

A project of great relevance that contributed to the internal engagement, to the construction of an inspiring work environment and to the consolidation of the corporate culture.

Moreover, the project contributed to ensure more employees could be in line with the company’s objectives and help Youse remain among the top 10 companies to work for (Love Mondays rankings 2018).

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